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Lot Size: 152460

Available Option 1: 152,460 SQ FT

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Off of South Main Street in Graham, NC, we have a 5-acre lot, with 3.5 of those acres available for lease. This lot can be subdivided to meet your individual business’ desired size. Fully zoned and entitled, with both water and sewer existing at the site, our property is located just south of the intersection of I-85 and 40.
This plot of ground is settled in the midst of a quiet, clean, good-natured cluster of neighborhoods and retailers. They make up a well-established, well-rooted, and well-taken care of community. It is unsuspectingly charming. With many trees and greenery, the spacing of stores, shops, and homes is neither packed tight nor far and few between; rather, there is a happy medium of expansion and nearness.
In the general vicinity, you can find Food Lion, Boost Mobile, Wendy’s, Mykonos Grill, Daily Donuts, and Biscuitville, among other vendors. River Mill Academy and South Graham Elementary School are also in the area.
If you’re ready to develop something new in a family-centered community, then call us to discuss our venue!

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