Sale Information

Asking Price: $2,990,000

Building Size: 15,100 SQ FT

Lot Size: 25610

Cost per Square Foot: $198.01

Property Overview

Westlake Associates is pleased to present the Sedona Aparments for sale.

Built: 1976

Occupancy: 100%

Property Details

Key Points: 21 Unit Apartment Complex with 12 units fully remodeled. In place 6.22% Cap Rate. 9 Non renovated units on average have rents $130 below the renovated Non renovated units can either be renovated, left alone or turned with limited remodel Market Rents for non renovated units on turnover without remodel should be $1195 for 2 bedroom and $995 for 1 bedroom Full remodel is netting $1295 for the 2 bedroom and $1095 for 1 bedroom (Across the street Casa Mia just rented a 2x1 for $1350 plus utility) Located in Opportunity Zone. Read More Here Located in Tacoma Mall Subarea rezone - Read more Here NEAR MAJOR BUS LINE , 1.5 MILES FROM SOUNDER TRAIN STATION,. .80 MILES FROM I 5. .90 MILES FROM TACOMA MALL. THE MALL IS UNDER MAJOR REDEVELOPMENT