LDCRE is the largest Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform in the world

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LDCRE is an Open-Network, Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform. LDCRE enables brokers to win more listings and close more deals by reaching a greater local and global market at no cost.

LDCRE’s Listing Platform is an Open-Network; this means there are no locked listings on LDCRE. All listings are 100% accessible to all visitors, all search engines, and LDCRE’s Distribution Network of 500 news websites (2,000 websites by close of 2019). LDCRE’s listing distribution network is more than double the reach of any other listing platform and LDCRE is 100% free.

LDCRE’s Listing Distribution Platform was developed to serve two primary goals:

1. To increase the market reach for commercial real estate listings through multiple outlets, multiple news website, and fully accessible by all search engines.

2. Increase listings’ direct reach to tenants and investors. Most CRE listing platforms cater to a broker audience. Through LDCRE’s listing syndication into news websites LDCRE increases listings’ direct reach to tenants and investors. Brokers don’t search commercial real estate listings in news websites.

Brokers (Agents)

Connect your Inventory to LDCRE for Free

Increase your listings and closings by maximizing local and global reach for free. Connect to LDCRE via API and enable all new listings and listing updates to be implemented by the push of a button from your website/ CRM to LDCRE and LDCRE’s Listing Distribution Network of 500 news websites throughout the globe.

Connect Via API - Brokerage Firms can connect their listing inventory to LDCRE directly via API, from their internal listing platform or CRM. Contact us for more information on connecting to LDCRE API for free.

Enter Listings Manually on LDCRE – Brokers may enter listings manually on LDCRE.com.

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Partner with LDCRE and Receive Passive Referral Commissions

Working the Buy-Side is time consuming with a much lower probability of closing a deal than being the listing agent. You can make money on the Buy Side, while never doing any work. Through LDCRE’s Broker Partnership, brokers can invite their investors to register with LDCRE as “Registered Investors,” and share in any fees we generate as a Referral Agent connecting them to listing agents, where they close on an acquisition. This partnership doesn’t have an expiration date, you will be paid a percentage of every referral fee LDCRE receives when it connects your investors to a deal they purchase. Investors can only register once. The first broker who has an investor register will be permanently attached to said investor for all LDCRE fee-sharing distributions. Start the process LDCRE does not act as a listing agent, only as an investment advisor on the Buy Side.

Market Closed Listings for Free via LDCRE and its Publisher Network

Upon selling/leasing a listing marketed via LDCRE, the listing agent can promote their closing via LDCRE News and LDCRE’s Publisher Network News Websites (500 News Sites). Promote your closed transactions via our open network news allowing other property owners to see your closings with your full contact information. Each property closing posting in LDCRE News brings multiple inbound links back to you and your website, increasing inbound calls, opportunity, and search engine optimization all at no cost.


Modernize Your CRE Acquisition Strategy

Update your CRE investment strategy by enabling LDCRE Investments to search listings from 6,000+ commercial real estate brokerage firms and find investments that match your investment specifications. Eliminate countless hours spent every week searching multiple listing platforms, speaking with numerous brokers, and reading through numerous “New Listing” emails. LDCRE Investments allows you to set filters and geographic preferences for your investments, limiting the investments we show you to investments that are within your strike zone. Whether you are seeking a 1031 exchange purchase, or continual acquisitions LDCRE Investments will deliver more investment results specific to your acquisition parameters in a more timely and organized manor. There is zero cost for investors to utilize LDCRE Investments for acquisitions. LDCRE Investments is compensated via a referral fee from the listing broker. Read More


See More Opportunities Matching your Criteria

Create an LDCRE account, select “Lender,” and enter your lending criteria. We are moving all lenders to our advanced CRM, which will allow us to easily match properties where we are assisting with capital placement with fitting lending institutions.

News Publishers

Be part of LDCRE’s Publisher Network

Commercial Real Estate Associations - have all your members list their properties in LDCRE for free. LDCRE will aggregate your members’ listings and deliver them back to you to display in your association’s website showcasing members’ listings.

>News Websites - Want to increase your content, page views, and average visitor time? Want to capitalize on Ad revenue in the commercial real estate sector? Add a Commercial Real Estate Section on your news website and LDCRE will power it with LDCRE listings.

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