Promote listings for free on LDCRE and 900+ news websites around the globe, increase local & global reach

Join 4,600+ CRE brokerage firms and 13,000+ CRE brokers marketing their listings on LDCRE

$100+ Billion in CRE Assets are listed for Sale on

29 Countries, 50 US States, 7,600+ Global Cities

Increase direct investor & tenant reach

LDCRE (Leavitt Digital) is a free commercial real estate listing distribution platform that enables CRE Brokerage firms to connect to LDCRE’s Listing Distribution Platform directly or via a CRM/ CRE Marketing Firm (Buildout, APTO, ClientLook). LDCRE then distributes listings to 900+ global news websites.

LDCRE Visual Overview

11,000+ Brokers
4,000+ CRE Firms
$70 Billion “for sale”
27 Countries
6,530 Cities
Listings come into
LDCRE, are organized, published, and pushed to 900+ global news websites
Listings in Above, LDCRE is in 900+ Additional news websites

LDCRE Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform Overview

  • LDCRE is a free CRE Listing Distribution Platform that enables CRE brokerage firms and CRE Marketing firms to directly connected their listing inventory to LDCRE, instantly pushing all new listings and updates from their websites to
  • Currently 4,000+ CRE Firms & 11,000+ CRE Brokers are marketing their listings on LDCRE
  • Listings are located in 28 Countries, 50 states, 6,500+ Global Cities
  • LDCRE grew its Markets with Listings from 20 cities to 6,530 cities in 2017
    – (2017 Market Growth: 32,550% or 326.5x multiple)
  • LDCRE’s “For Sale” Listing Inventory grew from $380 Million to $70 Billion in 2017
    – (2017 growth: 18,321% increase or 184.21x multiple)
  • LDCRE’s Listing syndication into third party news websites increased from 3 to 900 news websites in 2017
    – (2017 growth: 29,900% increase or 300x multiple)
  • Additional CRE Brokerage firms and CRE Marketing Firms are in the process of connecting to
  • LDCRE is in discussions to add its listing feed to with a few large media groups that manage/advise thousands of additional US news sites