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Leavitt Digital (LDCRE) is a Free, Open-Network, Commercial Real Estate Listing & Listing Distribution Platform developed by brokers for brokers.

LDCRE enables brokers and owners to increase local and global reach on listings through LDCRE’s national and international listing syndication platform into city and regional news websites. Leverage LDCRE’s market reach to increase your listings and closings. LDCRE is entirely free to list and search commercial real estate for sale and commercial real estate for lease.

LDCRE’s Market Reach LDCRE syndicates all listings in LDCRE to 500 news websites (Domestic and International). LDCRE will power the CRE listings in 2,000 news websites by close of 2019. Increase your reach to principals seeking commercial real estate to lease for their businesses and for investment.


  1. Create a free profile in LDCRE, Create a User account, and then add your company information. Your listings will attach to your company record.
  2. Upon completion your account you will receive an API Key. Copy this API Key.
  3. Go to your account you are connecting to LDCRE (where you want listings to flow from). Paste your LDCRE API Key into the box where it is requested.
  4. After adding your API Key into your primary account (where listings are coming from) your primary account and your LDCRE account will sync. All listings, edits, and removals will flow from your primary account to your LDCRE account.
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Please contact us with any questions,comments, or concerns: bhotchkiss@LDCRE.com

LDCRE is an Open-Network, thus not locking any listings from view or searches via Google, Yahoo, Bing. LDCRE is a listing distribution platform, disseminating CRE listings to 500 News Websites in metro markets and regions throughout the globe. LDCRE's listing distribution platform will reach 2,000 news websites by close of 2019.

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