STNL (Single Tenant Net Lease) Properties for Sale on the Nation’s Leading Free Commercial Real Estate Listing & Search Platform

STNL Properties for sale on Leavitt Digital are located throughout the country and range from non-credit tenants to credit tenants and from a few hundred thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars. STNL (Single Tenant Net Lease) Properties may be office, industrial, or retail properties that have one tenant operating on a Net Lease. There are different levels of Net Leases ranging from Net, to Double Net (NN), to Triple Net (NNN). The lower level, or single net lease structure allocates more expense responsibility to the owner, Double Net (NN) has les expense responsibility to the owner, and the Triple Net (NNN) leases have virtually no asset expenses allocated to the owner.

STNL Properties for sale are appealing to institutional owners and private investors. STNL Properties are especially attractive to investors new to Commercial Real Estate investing, as they tend to require less management and exposure to expenses and any increase in expenses as the expenses are passed through to the tenant.

STNL Properties for sale (Single Tenant Net Lease) require the least management from ownership of all commercial real estate investments and are comparable to a dividend or bond investment when they are occupied. However if the tenant vacates, or goes bankrupt the owner has 100% vacancy, so there is a larger downside as well.

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