Multifamily Marketing, Multifamily SEO, Multifamily Press Releases & Review Monitoring/ Aggregation

Leavitt Digital’s Multifamily Division increases the market reach, website traffic, Page Ranking on major search engines, online presence & enhancement, and aggregates/ monitors reviews on apartment communities to increase occupancies, and increase the bottom line. Leavitt Digital works with apartment management companies, apartment owners, and apartment operators. Leavitt Digital offers a number of solutions to increase market reach for apartments: Local SEO/ Increased Online Presence & Enhancement, Organic SEO/ Silo SEO, and Press Releases specifically designed for commercial real estate and/or residential real estate (depending on the focus of the press release). By increasing your SEO, Page Rankings over major search engines, and market reach you increase your visibility, online reputation, occupancies, and bottom line. Website search traffic drops by 95% from Page 1 to Page 2 in search results, 78% from Page 2 to Page 3, and 58% from Page 3 to Page 4.

Leavitt Digital’s products for Apartments are as follows:

  • Leavitt Digital creates and enhances profiles for apartment facility on 500+ websites, mobile applications, local directories, and GPS systems. Through the development, enhancement and monthly refreshing of these listings on behalf of its clients Leavitt Digital constantly increases its clients’ Local SEO. Reviews are pulled on every apartment from the top 8 reviews sites with the greatest impact on SEO. Clients are able to view their increased visibility, optimization, and reviews via Leavitt Digital’s dashboard. Leavitt Digital offers a 100% money back guarantee if it does not produce a 20% increase in a community’s visibility after 6 months. Additional Details
  • Organic SEO - Leavitt Digital implements links and organizes keywords on client’s community websites, or webpages. This process does impact the design of a page, or make any edits to page text, or text layout. Leavitt Digital implements a number of links to the page and organizes keywords in a more favorable format for search engines to more easily find. Client will see results within 30 days. If client is unhappy with results after 30 days. After three months, the contract converts to month-to-month, so the client may leave at anytime after three months without any financial or contractual obligation. Additional Details
  • Press Release Distribution Platform - Leavitt Digital has partnered with PR Newswire the nation’s number #1 press release distribution company and designed a Press Release Distribution Platform specifically for the real estate industries (commercial & residential). Leavitt Digital disseminates Press Release to 5,000 websites and 223 Commercial Real Estate Journalists. Through its partnership with PR Newswire Leavitt Digital is able to pass significant savings onto its clients. Clients receive a detailed analytical report on all press releases. Additional Details
  • Leavitt Digital’s Free Listing Platform - Net Leased Asset owners, managers, and brokers may list their assets on Leavitt Digital’s Free Commercial Listing Platform for sale, seeking debt, and seeking equity investment.